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Common causes of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are a pain! It's not something you plan for, it's always inconvenient when it happens, and a stressful situation indeed!

Common causes of blocked drains are:

  • Root ingress from trees or shrubs.

  • Debris in sewers and drains such as, grease or household waste which cause a reduction in their efficiency.

  • Broken or collapsed drains causing blockages.

  • Sunken or dropped drain systems.

  • Obstructions such as, bricks, rods, displaced sealing rings etc.

  • Scale i.e. hard deposits which can sometimes be identified as grout, corrosion of iron drainpipes, etc.

If you need a blocked drain cleared, I have the equipment and experience to unblock almost all drain problems from the simple blocked sink trap to a root filled waste drain.

I will always offer my valued customers the best solution to the blocked drain problem they are experiencing

Call me now, advice is always free!

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