Mark Bride - Rhino Rod Drains

My name is Mark Bridle and I have 38 years of experience in unblocking drains! I am happy to provide a free estimate and I believe honesty and integrity in my line of work is vital. I regularly come across customers who have been severely overcharged or persuaded into unnecessary works. Check out Rhino's Top Safety Tips to help keep you safe.

When you put your property in someone else’s hand you should be confident you can trust that you are getting the best job at a fair price. If for some unlikely reason I cannot solve your problem for you, I will be up front and let you know and I am sure to be able to recommend someone that can! 

Unlike some companies who will almost destroy your garden, home or driveway to find the cause of the problem, I use CCTV cameras to find and diagnose the problem so that I can then decide on the best course of action to take to carry out your drain repair. I will always discuss all options with you regarding drain repairs and the respective costs and will help you reach a decision you are happy with before we proceed.

Many companies seem only interested in maximising their profits by taking short cuts or charging for more work than is needed. I do a thorough job, at a fair price, without adding any extras that you don't need - or need to pay for!

I am only a phone call away

07925 950133
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