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Dangers of Home Drain Cleaners

One of the most toxic household chemicals is in the everyday drain cleaner. Instead of calling a plumber when a drain slows, homeowners tend to reach for the handy and inexpensive drain cleaner. Unfortunately, drain cleaners can cost homeowners more than they expected in the long run.

The Dangers of Home Drain Cleaners

Why Homeowner Use Drain Cleaners

It is understandable why homeowners turn to drain cleaners they can buy in a grocery store. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and they generally work quickly. The problem comes in the long run because drain cleaners can actually damage home plumbing system over time. Most of the commonly purchased drain cleaners contain chemicals with hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid, which causes damage to pipes.

Chemicals Destroy Rubber and Pipes

Along with hydrochloric acid, the popular drain cleaners at grocery stores also contain other toxic ingredients. They all have caustic bases that include lye or bleach. These substances are known to eat away at rubber, like the seal around the sink entrance into your garbage disposal. They can also have chemical reactions when they are destroying the clog in the drain. The drain cleaners only provide a temporary solution to a problem that could become expensive.

Damaging Pipes with Crystallization

Most of the drain cleaners contain acids. When acids are introduced into plumbing systems, they can actually create the bottom of the pipe to break open, especially as it rests in the catch or elsewhere. They can crystallise metal in the pipes, making them weak. As the pipes weaken, it is easy to imagine the damage that can happen in a home.

Damage Done to the Environment

Along with destroying home drains and pipes, drain cleaners damage the environment. These caustic chemicals get pushed down the drain, where they eventually make their way into the water system in the community. The products can create unexpected chemical reactions that could send dangerous fumes into homes and residential areas. Using a plumber to unclog a drain is safer for families, pets, homes, and communities. It also costs significantly less that most people think.

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