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Uninvited Guests?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Do you have a problem with Rats & Vermin?

Many pests and vermin are adept swimmers - rats alone can swim 1000m in open water, and tread water for three days. Damaged or unmaintained drains and sewer pipes easily allow vermin access into the main drainage systems. From here they can enter your home by travelling through sewers, up pipes and swimming through the water contained in your toilet system.

Have you had vermin intrusion into your property? I can carry out and inspection with CCTV assistance to locate the point of entry into the drainage system.

I can seal off disused lines and entry points to prevent further ingress.

I also supply and fit the latest and best models of RAT BLOCKERS on the market.

These will allow the flow of waste to the sewer whilst blocking entry into the drainage system by vermin.

Call me now, advice is always free! Mark 07925 950133 The Power of the Rhino with the Voice of Experience.

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