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Are Collapsed Drains Covered Under Home Insurance?

Are Collapsed Drains Covered Under Home Insurance?

When your drains have been damaged or suffered a collapse, all you want to think about is getting the issue fixed as quickly and effectively as you can. But something you might overlook is whether or not your drains are covered by your home insurance policy.

Figuring out what is and isn’t covered can be tedious and confusing, so I thought I’d clear things up a little so you know where you stand should anything happen to your drainage system.

Drains and home insurance

As you might expect, whether or not your drains are covered by your home insurance depends on your insurance company and the specific policy you have. Typically, most building insurance policies will cover accidental damage to your drains, but what constitutes ‘accidental damage’? Insurance policy wording can be deceptive, and can lead to companies refusing to pay out on a technicality.

Things like old age or corrosion of the pipe – anything that can be seen as natural deterioration – will likely not fall under the ‘accidental damage’ umbrella. Outside influences such as damage from excavation or tree root intrusion should be covered by your home insurance.

Some policies may require you to take out cover for drains as an extra, so check your policy carefully and get in touch with your provider if you require specific clarification.


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