My name is Mark Bridle and I have 38 years of experience of unblocking drains! I am happy to provide a free estimate and I believe honesty and integrity in my line of work is vital. I regularly come across customers who have been severely overcharged or persuaded into unnecessary works. Check out Rhino's Top Safety Tips to help keep you safe.

When you put your property in someone else’s hand you should be confident you can trust that you are getting the best job at a fair price. If for some unlikely reason I cannot solve your problem for you, I will be up front and let you know and I am sure to be able to recommend someone that can! 

Unlike some companies who will almost destroy your garden, home or driveway to find the cause of the problem, I use CCTV cameras to find and diagnose the problem so that I can then decide on the best course of action to take to carry out your drain repair. I will always discuss all options with you regarding drain repairs and the respective costs and will help you reach a decision you are happy with before we proceed.

Many companies seem only interested in maximising their profits by taking short cuts or charging for more work than is needed. I do a thorough job, at a fair price, without adding any extras that you don't need - or need to pay for!

Mark Bridle - Rhino Rod

Blocked drains are no fun for anyone and I know you want the problem to be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. I'll get your drains free flowing again, providing a safe and effective solution to ensure your problem is resolved fast.

Do you have a blocked or cracked pipe?

Call me to get your drains free flowing again, with a fast and effective solution to ensure your blockage is cleared and your damaged drain is repaired rather than just the leak repaired.

Blocked sinks & basins can be a real pain and I understand the frustration of not being able to resolve this yourself. By calling an expert you can ensure the blockage is cleared effectively to prevent it happening again.

I know that when you have a blocked toilet, you need it to be unblocked as quickly as possible. I provide a rapid response to resolve your blockage issue quickly and effectively. 


I'll uncover and identify drainage problems with a CCTV survey, and provide a full condition report, costs for any remedial works along with a basic plan of the drainage layout.

I am experienced in lining drains & can carry out excavation and repair works to broken drains. so you can rely on me to resolve your drainage issue effectively to ensure your drains are back to perfect working condition in no time.

I have 38 years experience in all methods of drainage problems & solutions for homes and businesses. 

You can trust me to do the best job at the fairest price in the quickest time possible.

I put my customers' needs first, operating a rapid emergency call out service so that your problem can be fixed in no time.


Hiring a contractor to work on your drains can be stressful and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Take care to hire a contractor with excellent references and a good reputation, and be sure you have clear agreements and expectations before the contractors begin their work. It’s important to maintain good communication, while still allowing them to get on with the job you are paying them for. A little flexibility and understanding from all involved will help foster a good working relationship and a desirable outcome for everyone. Here are my top tips:

Get a free estimate

Always make sure to get an estimate before a contractor starts any work.

Make sure you understand what is being done & the costs involved.

Any good contractor will provide a FREE estimate.

Be wise with your money

Never pay for work before it is done.

Any good contractor will finish the job and then provide you an invoice to pay.

Never give cash deposits.

Make sure you get a receipt.

Read your contract

Never feel pressured into signing a contract before reading it in full or having someone check it over for you.

Make sure you know exactly what you are agreeing to before you sign any contract.



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